Plus, our environment &

Student care

Conducive Environment

At Curos, we design our classrooms and overall environment to be uncluttered, with soft natural colours, and appropriate visual and audio stimulation.

This creates a conducive environment to aid your child’s learning and wellbeing. And when a child is calm, focused and enjoys his learning space – he tends to learn better, and feel better.

Quality Care

Our teachers are dedicated, and desire to see every child thrive. They are rigorously trained and have years of teaching experience.

We maintain small class sizes, with a small student-teacher ratio (1:14), well below industry averages of large 1:20 ratios. This allows every teacher to pay close personal attention to your child’s holistic development. 

Wholesome Meals

Our nutritionist-planned meals are healthy, well-balanced, and varied. We avoid packaged foods that are high in sodium and sugars and follow Health Promotion Board's healthy meals guidelines.

We follow the principle of “eating the rainbow” –  including different colours into the meal (tomatoes, leafy greens, carrots, etc). Fresh fruits are served too. That’s because a wholesome meal has lasting benefits for your child’s health, including aiding their concentration and ability to learn. 

Robust Parent-Teacher Loop

You benefit from open and regular conversations about your child
- we understand this too.

We proactively share regular lesson summaries, and your child’s progress through emails, texts, calls, whichever works best for you. We’ll listen to your areas of concern, ensuring your child is making the most of their time with us. To you, you’ll be empowered to better support your child. To us, it’s a deeply rewarding partnership.