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Parents of primary school children strive to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for their children. Here are the top four challenges they often encounter:

Academic Support

Parents must help your children with schoolwork, which can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the curriculum or teaching methods. Balancing work commitments with providing academic support can be a significant challenge.

quality family Time

Juggling work, household chores, co-curricular activities, and family time while ensuring that children receive the attention they need can be a struggle. 

Technology and Screen Time

Managing screen time and ensuring that children use technology responsibly is a growing concern. With the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and computers, parents must monitor and guide your children’s digital activities.

Social and emotional development

Nurturing a child’s social and emotional development is crucial, and parents must navigate issues like bullying, peer pressure, and helping your children develop healthy friendships and coping mechanisms.

why us

The Curos Distinction

Premium Enrichment Provider

Academic programmes offered are developed by respected top-notched enrichment providers in Singapore, ensuring high-quality education.

Comprehensive Subject Coverage

Learning Point offers award-winning programmes in English, Math, and Science, while Hua Cheng specialises in Chinese language education, both with over two decades of experience.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Using McKinsey-researched pedagogy, we integrate academic learning with fun and enriching programmes that prepare your child to be future-ready, with STEM, Digital Literacy, Public-speaking and more.

Small Class Sizes And Personalised Attention

Curos maintains small class sizes with a low student-teacher ratio of 1:12, allowing for personalised coaching and close monitoring of each child’s holistic development. At Curos, children will be personally engaged by teachers and not child minders.

Regular Communication And Partnership

Curos values open and regular communication with parents, sharing lesson summaries on your child’s progress. This collaborative approach empowers parents to support your child’s education effectively and fosters a rewarding partnership between Curos and parents.

hear from our academic leaders

Charis, Head of Primary English

Charis, with a decade of teaching experience, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from SMU and a Masters of Education (English Language) from NIE.

Prior to joining Learning Point, she held a variety of academic leadership positions. Charis believes that active participation, effective engagement, and having lots of fun fosters true learning.

Addy, Head of
Mathematics & Science

Addy has nearly 14 years in primary school teaching. He emphasises strong instructional abilities and diverse teaching approaches for students’ academic growth.

Addy graduated from NIE with a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and a Masters of Education (Mathematics). A former Head of Department, he was honoured with The National Day – Commendation Medal (2017) for outstanding contributions to education.

Kuang Xia, Head of
Primary Chinese

Kuang Xia is the Principal of Hua Cheng. She has nearly two decades of teaching experience in Singapore.

A graduate of Sichuan Normal University in Education, Kuang Xia is also an author. Her enjoyable and enriching teachings challenge students to think and grow.

Singapore Tuition Curos

  • Academic enrichment
  • Trained teachers
  • Holistic development
  • Child supervision
  • Utilisation of after-school hours
  • Programmes by subject experts

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Typical Student care

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