We are a complete after-school solution that specialises in developing well-rounded children. Scroll down for our quality after-school programmes that focus on academics and crucial life skills. We promise that your child will enjoy a time of enrichment, fun, and holistic growth with us.

what we believe in

Our mission

At Curos, we care about developing well-rounded children. Our mission is to grow every child holistically, so they are equipped for school and life.

Today, parents want more than good grades for their kids. But most after-school  arrangements either lack academically, holistically, or in quality care. This means that your child’s time is often under-utilised, with only 1 of 3 needs met. At Curos, we believe a child needs all 3 aspects to develop into a well-rounded individual.

What we do

Our promise

We combine academic rigour, holistic learning, and quality student care so that your child receives the best after-school experience.


Your child will stay on track and ahead at school with our established enrichment programmes, delivered by Learning Point and Hua Cheng, that are aligned with MOE-syllabus in English, Chinese, Math & Science.

Holistic programmes

Using leading pedagogies, we integrate academic learning with fun and enriching programmes that prepare your child to be future-ready, with STEM, Digital Literacy, Public-speaking and more.

Student care

Their day is designed by a team of student-care teachers, with personal coaching, guided recreation and nutritionist-prepared meals.

Why us



Our teachers are dedicated and rigorously trained, with over 10 years of teaching experience at Learning Point and Hua Cheng – Singapore’s top enrichment providers. We maintain small class sizes, with a small 1:12 student-teacher ratio, well below industry averages of large 1:20 ratios. This allows every teacher to personally coach and pay close attention to your child’s holistic development.

Established programmes

Our programmes are developed by Singapore’s premium enrichment providers. Learning Point provides quality Primary Excellence Programmes in English, Math and Science classes. For Chinese, your child is in trusted hands with Hua Cheng, with over 20 years of Chinese language excellence. Holistically, our programmes based on McKinsey-researched pedagogy, are interdisciplinary in nature, so your child acquires diverse knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Robust Parent-Teacher partnership

You benefit from open and regular conversations about your child - we understand this too. We’ll proactively share lesson summaries and your child’s progress with you. To you, you’ll be empowered to better support your child. To us, it’s a deeply rewarding partnership.

Premium student care

Our team of student care teachers ensure your child has guided recreation and time to rest. They also provide personal engagement and coaching. Meals are nutritionist-planned and follow the principle of “eating the rainbow”. We add different colours into the meal like tomatoes, greens, milk, fruits, and more. A wholesome meal has lasting benefits for your child’s health, aiding their concentration and learning ability.

Point-to-point transport

We provide point-to-point transport for your child from Curos back home, so you don’t need to beat traffic or rearrange your workday to pick up your child.

Student-centric environment

We design our classrooms and overall environment to be uncluttered, with a sense of space, natural colours, and appropriate visual and audio stimulation. This creates a stress-free and conducive environment to aid your child’s learning and well-being. When children are calm, focused and enjoy their learning space – they tend to learn better, and feel better.

Singapore Tuition Curos

  • Academic enrichment
  • Trained teachers
  • Holistic development
  • Child supervision
  • Utilisation of after-school hours
  • Programmes by subject experts

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